Slot-die head received from FOM Technologies

Slot-die head from FOM Technologies

Slot-die head received from FOM Technologies

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  • 10. June 2020
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Today we received from our project collaborator FOM Technologies a 40mm slot-die head. It is made of hardened stainless steel, has interchangeable shims and, in the present configuration, can coat a single stripe of 10 mm working width with a dead volume of less than 50 μL.

A slot-die head is one of the core components of every slot-die-coating equipment, both with flexible or rigid substrate, and roll-to-roll or fixed-plane geometries. A slot-die head provides one or multiple channels for a homogeneous distribution of the ink across the width of the coated substrate. The volume of the internal chamber, and as well as the shape and dimension of the lips at the exit can help the stabilization of the coating bead and provide improved coating quality. Combined with various slot-die shims, the slot-die head can deliver homogeneous coating across a variety of different coating rates and ink viscosities.

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